Aasmaa Securities Pvt Ltd (ASPL) provides a platform to trade/invest in the equities traded in all the reputed Indian Stock Exchanges, i.e. National Stock Exchange of India Ltd (NSE), Bombay Stock Exchange Ltd (BSE), Metropolitan Stock Exchange Ltd (MSEI)

ASPL also has an expert team, who will engage in to designing Equity Investment Plan (EIP) that shall cater to the individual investor needs and objectives.

EIP Matrix has been developed in such a manner that based on the Investor’s objective; it will scan over 5000 listed companies and come up with final list of companies – where the funds will be parked in. This matrix will only be designed on the request basis; one can send his/her queries and contact details for the further discussion by filling up the simple form.

Traders/Investors are required to open an account with Aasmaa Securities Pvt Ltd by filling up the required documents; one can send a request for the account opening form at